Rapid Acting Doors

Dynaco hold world patents for their doors’ sealing and self-repair design and capability, with unlimited duty cycles conforming to European EN13241-1 standards.  Free of rigid components ensures extreme safety. The doors are designed and manufactured in Belguim.

Swing Doors

Grothaus polyethylene swing doors are manufactured in Germany. They are custom made to suit specific clients requirements. The stainless steel hinges carry a five year warranty and the door blades a ten year warranty

PVC Curtains

The most cost-effective barrier for temperature, dust, birds, insects, noise, fumes and weather. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for food, hygiene and every other industry.

After Sales Service

As part of every product we sell, we offer full after-sale services nationwide.

Who we are & what we do

Flexible Door Technology is a specialist PVC door company for environmental control.

We are in the favourable position to select the recognised world leading brands of products for our portfolio.

  • Dynaco, Belguim
  • Grothaus pendelturen, Germany
  • Scandistrip Door AB, Sweden
  • Extruflex PVC, French Formulation

We operate nationally throughout NZ with full Sales and Service teams based in both Auckland and Christchurch — backed up by a network of re-sellers and trained service agents around the country. We offer unmatched depth of experience and understanding in the specialist field of PVC doors and screens and rapid acting doors. Our focus is in matching quality and design to clients’ needs to ensure specific performance criteria are met or surpassed.

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