Clearway PVC Swing Doors

Clearway PVC swing doors are “hands free” impact operated doors.

Aluminium stiles and head with stainless steel components which make these suitable for hygienic environments.  Door blade options can be either all clear for maximum vision or textured black at the base and clear above for vision or if you are looking for maximum privacy, door blades can be all black with a vision strip.  All doors are custom made to suit your requirements.

Grothaus Swing Doors
Grothaus GP200

Grothaus polyethylene swing doors are suited to high use doorways, offering an optional 90° hold open within the stainless steel hinge.  Optional tear drop bumpers and impact bumpers can be accommodated to suit the required impact points.  Doors carry a 5 year warranty on the stainless steel hinges and a 10 year warranty on the door blade.

Insulated Swing Doors

Insulated Swing doors are designed for temperature control while still offering the ease of hands free operation and impact bumpers for extra durability.  Great for high use doorways where temperature control is a consideration.