SpiraDoor, is a new type of metal industrial door, which has insulation, energy-savings, is sealed, high efficient wind resistance & environmental features all combined into it.
Due to it’s maximum opening speed of 2.5 meters per second, it can be applied to logistic channels requiring high speed & frequency.
The door panel adopts double-layer tensile aluminium plates of 0.7mm thick & is one-step modeled on an assembly line
The middle section is foam filled by polyurethane, with a capacity equal to or greater than 50kg per cubic space (excluding CFC), & the total thickness of the door plate is 43mm.
The cross-section design adopts heat insulating structure & has the advantage of heat insulation, light in weight and impact resistance.
The classification of wind resistance is equal to or greater than up to Beaufort force 12, class 3, 120kmph
The application of this door will save the company a great quantity of production energy consumption caused by air circulation.
Our product is very reliable, practical, easy-operation & quick-fixing.
The drive system has adopted stable energy-saving & accurate servo-system to ensure reliable operations.