Flexible PVC Strip Round edged, extruded PVC strip

Stocked in a range of sizes, styles, grades and colours, to suit site and traffic conditions. Can be purchased in cut lengths, or in full, 50m rolls for curtain repairs.

New Zealand’s largest range sourced from the world’s leading producers and formulated to stringent European standards.

Style can be flat, for economy, or ribbed for durability.

Grade is either low-temp from 0°C to -25°C, or normal temp for +1°C to 50°C. Normal temp contains a high level of ultra-violet block.

Coloured strip is carried for special applications: blue and red for marker strips to highlight door limits and separate traffic flows; yellow for insect screens; red for welding screens.

Strip width
  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • Chiller cabinets, Coolrooms
  • Chiller cabinets, shop doors, pedestrian doorways
  • Heavy duty / exposed pedestrian doors
  • Medium sized screens for pedestrians to pallet-lifters
  • Larger screens for forklift and vehicular doorways
  • Large, exposed doorways, truck doors and internal partitions

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible and caring company and stock only PVC formulated to the highest European quality and environmental safety standards. None of our PVC uses carcinogenic DOP stabilisers or contains hazardous chemicals or elements that could render it unsuitable for recycling. All our scrap PVC is recycled and we also offer a free collection / recycling service for clients when upgrading their PVC doors or screens.