Clearway PVC Swing Doors


PVC swing doors are “hands free”, impact operated doors. Their double action springs allow them to open from either side, swinging through a 180˚ arc and self returning to the centre line of the doorway, while the flexible PVC door leaves absorb the shock and noise of repeated impact without either suffering or inflicting damage.

Translucent PVC leaves afford good two way vision, minimising the risk of collisions while maximising available light. They are especially useful in busy traffic situations where tight environmental control is required without impeding traffic flows.



Hygienic construction:

  • Silver anodised or powder coated aluminium stiles and head – corrosion free.
  • Stainless steel components.
  • Top quality finish PVC panels – easily cleaned.
  • Welded stainless steel corner brackets –the strength of steel assembly to resist damage due to repeated impact.
  • Choice of two types of flexible seal around jambs and head to avoid leakage:
    • PVC for food and wet wash areas.
    • Fibre brush for dry areas.
  • PVC leaves reinforced at vulnerable points– reduces tearing of PVC and prolongs life.
  • Unique tension system – exerts a constant tension on door leaves throughout the whole swinging arc.
  • Head and side fixing – for maximum strength and flexibility of installation.
  • Anti-fall strops – prevent doors falling in the event of a major collision.
  • Environmentally safe – only PVC formulated to top quality European specifications and totally free of all carcinogenic plasticisers and additives used. Totally safe to recycle.
Clearway PVC Swing Door Brochure
Clearway PVC Swing Door